Hypothetical Ink

I would be no one without my family and friends. I had my heart stolen on October 29th, 2011 by the world's most lovely boy, and I never asked for it back. Along with these facts, Eminem is a large reason why I live and breathe so watch out for his face on your dash courtesy of me. Dogs are better than cats and my name is Nicole. Let's rock and roll, baby.

Baby: m-m-m...
Mom: mama?
Baby: my name is...
Mom: huh?
Baby: my name is...
Mom: what?
Baby: my name is [chicka-chicka] Slim Shady


eminem is basically a 40-year-old white man who has been through so much shit, is on top of his game, and is adored by many, many people yet he can’t manage to wow national television and ends up proclaiming his general discomfort by saying, “i’m really uncomfortable right now.” 

(via greatwhiterapper)